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Why Should You Hire a Software House?


Outsourcing is prevalent in the IT industry. Hiring a software house can be a perfect solution, not only for big tech companies but also for startups. It all depends on the project and the situation. In this article, we will delve deeper into the topic of when you should hire a software house and why it is a good decision.

What is a Software House?

A software house (also called a software company) is a business that specializes in the creation, development, and maintenance of software applications and solutions. These companies typically consist of teams of software developers, designers, testers, and other professionals. You can read more about software houses in our previous article.

What Does a Software House Do?

The core function of a software house is to create software solutions. This involves designing, coding, and testing software applications or systems to meet specific client requirements. After the software is deployed, software houses offer ongoing maintenance and support services. This includes addressing bug fixes, updates, security patches, and providing technical assistance to end-users.

How Does A Software House Work?

Software houses may operate differently and follow various paths to deliver a product, depending on the client’s needs. Generally, software companies in their work go through phases like:

Client engagement and requirements gathering

Meetings allow both sides to get to know each other better. Software house asks about the client’s business goals, needs, industry, and the idea for a product or service with its specific features. The client can ask additional questions and see if there’s chemistry between the technology contractor and them.

Project planning

When both sides understand each other and are ready to cooperate, the project planning begins. It typically involves Project Manager, who is an expert in defining the scope, timeline, and budget. Software house returns to the client with the plan to accept.

Design and architecture

Having a detailed plan, the project may enter another stage. The architecture needs to be defined first. It's crucial because it explains how a product should act and function. Then the UI Designer is involved in creating user interfaces and the visual side of an app. If you are curious about this stage of a project and how it impacts the final product, take a look at the article about the importance of UX and UI.


Now, developers start coding based on the specifications, working with modern software methodologies to bring the best results. In this phase, the actual software is built, but after the code is complete, there are still a few more steps to complete.


It’s impossible to build perfect software without testing! That’s why this stage should never be overlooked. Now it’s time to identify and fix bugs, ensure functionality, and verify that it meets the specified requirements.


Deployment includes setting up servers, configuring databases, and ensuring the software is compatible with the client’s infrastructure. Software house makes sure that the application works correctly in the client’s environment or that it’s available to end-users.

Maintenance and support

Software houses usually offer maintenance and support services. It’s convenient for developers who are already familiar with the project to fix any post-deployment issues or make enhancements if they’re needed.

At Primotly, we enhanced this process to better suit our customer’s needs. Working with us is easy, transparent, and very flexible. You can read more about our process here.

When to Hire a Software House?

Hiring a software house can be a strategic move in various scenarios, helping businesses address specific challenges and achieve their goals. Let's explore different cases, where this decision can prove to be exceptionally beneficial.

1. Startups with Limited In-House Development Resources

Startups often operate under tight budgets and have limited in-house development resources. In such cases, hiring a software house makes strategic sense. Why?

Startups can minimize their initial costs by outsourcing development rather than hiring a full in-house team, which includes salaries, benefits, and overhead expenses.

Software houses offer access to a wide range of skilled professionals. This expertise can be crucial for startups looking to build a robust product quickly. A software house can accelerate development, helping startups launch their products or services faster and gain a competitive edge.

2. Projects with Tight Deadlines

Sometimes, projects have tight deadlines that in-house teams may need help to meet. In such situations, collaborating with a software house can be a perfect solution to address this issue.

Software houses can quickly allocate resources to meet project deadlines. Their experience in managing projects efficiently can ensure timely delivery. By outsourcing the project to experts, organizations can alleviate the pressure on their internal teams. It means less stress and better well-being of the employees. Last but not least, software houses are equipped with quality assurance processes that ensure a project is delivered on time without compromising quality.

3. Complex Projects Requiring Diverse Skill Sets

Complex projects often require a diverse set of skills and expertise. Software houses have professionals with a wide range of skills, allowing them to tackle complex projects that demand various technical competencies. This versatility is priceless.

Cross-functional collaboration within a software house ensures that different aspects of the project, such as development, design, and testing, are handled seamlessly. It’s also important to acknowledge that complex projects carry inherent risks. Software houses often have experience dealing with such complexities, which helps in risk mitigation and problem-solving.

4. Need for Specialized Expertise

Some projects require specialized expertise that might not be readily available in-house. Software houses often have experts in niche areas like AI, blockchain, or cybersecurity, which can be critical for specialized projects.

Expertise in a specialized field can result in innovative solutions, providing a project with a competitive advantage in the market. Opting for a software house with specialized skills can often be more cost-effective than attempting to hire and train in-house staff for the same objective.

The decision to hire a software house can significantly benefit startups and organizations facing resource constraints, tight deadlines, complex projects, or a need for specialized expertise. It allows them to have talents, experience, and resources while focusing on their core objectives and achieving better outcomes in their software development endeavors.

Benefits of Working with a Software House

Collaborating with a software house can provide advantages for businesses and organizations seeking to create, support, or upgrade their software. These benefits extend far beyond mere convenience and can significantly impact the overall success and efficiency of your projects. Let’s take a look at the list of advantages.

Infographic showing the benefits of hiring a software house: quality assurance, expertise and specialization, cost saving, and faster development

Expertise and Specialization

Software houses typically consist of a team of highly skilled professionals with expertise in various technologies and domains. By collaborating with them, you gain access to specialists who can provide valuable insights and solutions tailored to your specific needs.


As your project grows or evolves, software houses can quickly scale their resources up or down to accommodate your changing needs. This flexibility is particularly advantageous for startups and businesses with fluctuating workloads.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing software development to a software house can be cost-effective. It eliminates the need to hire and train an in-house development team, purchase expensive equipment and software licenses, and bear the overhead costs associated with maintaining an in-house team.

Faster Development

Software houses have experience in efficient project management and development processes. They can accelerate the development timeline, helping you bring your product or project to market more quickly. Shorter and more efficient development time equals faster launch and return of invested funds.

Quality Assurance

Software houses often have dedicated quality assurance (QA) teams. It means your project undergoes thorough testing and quality checks, resulting in a more robust and reliable software product. Eventual bugs are quickly found and can be fixed before they become a bigger issue.

Do You Want to Hire a Software Developer? Introducing the Extended Team

Sometimes, you don’t need to work with a software house, but your in-house team can’t manage the complexity or scale of a certain project. The perfect solution may be to hire a software engineer (or a few). At Primotly, we offer the best software developers for hire in our Extended Team model.

How Does the Extended Team Model Work?

First, we want to talk about your needs and expectations. It ensures that we will connect you with the right people for your project. Then, we present you with the best candidates that are the best matches for your requirements. We provide as much support as is needed throughout the whole process. Everything to seamlessly extend your in-house team and help you build great products.

Looking for expert help in the IT industry? Hire a CTO on a flexible basis

Harmonious development and innovation require good planning and preparation. When developing a strategy and effectively managing a team, the help of someone with many years of experience is invaluable. Hiring a CTO can be quite a burden for a small company that may not have the budget for it and may not need full-time help. At Primotly, we understand well that each company has unique needs, which is why we offer CTO support on a flexible basis.

Our Chief Technology Officer will guide you through the process of:

  • Implementing and developing a technology strategy,
  • Budget and resource planning,
  • Selecting the right technologies,
  • Managing and coaching the development team.

That's not the end of the topics where our CTO can assist you with his knowledge and experience. Send us a message and we will get in touch to talk about details.

Hiring a Software House: Perfect Solution

Partnering with a software house can be a strategic move for businesses and organizations looking to streamline their software development efforts, reduce costs, and leverage the expertise of skilled professionals. However, it's crucial to carefully select a reputable and experienced software house that aligns with your specific project requirements and objectives to maximize these benefits.

Whether you're a large corporation looking to streamline your IT operations or a budding startup seeking to transform your innovative ideas into reality, the expertise and resources offered by a software house can be a huge help. How can Primotly help bring your ideas to life? Contact us to talk about our future project.


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