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"We happen to work on other frameworks, but Symfony has a special place in our hearts. Why? Because it's the only framework that improves creativity so much, saves time, minimizes the risk of bugs and offers such a huge amount of ready-made components. And most importantly, we have the best Symfony specialists on board. Creating digital products using this technology is all plain sailing! "

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We use API Platform...

Reliable web applications on time and on budget time
Simple development with Symfony framework
Efficient development of highly complex applications
New capabilities for existing technologies
Secure data transfer
Highest code quality with a strong testing environment
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...and for ecommerce we use Sylius  

Easy integration with existing systems
Scalability to small and huge projects
Short implementation time
Modern architecture providing great flexibility
Multiplatform (iOS, Android, PWA and much more!)
Beneficial SEO solutions
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A secure and unlimited space is provided by AWS

Largest functionality among cloud providers
Most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available
230 security, compliance, and governance services and features
90 security standards and compliance certifications
Data encryption across all AWS services
Unlimited server capacity

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In Symfony we trust

  • Freedom of customization

    Digital products developed with Symfony allow us to fully focus on even the smallest user needs. All thanks to Symfony's advanced object-oriented programming (OOP) architecture and great custom features and functionalities. The possibilities for customization are nearly endless!

  • Great time savings

    Symfony is a very flexible framework that saves a lot of time spent on tedious coding. Out-of-the-box components significantly speed up the whole development process. Saved time allows you to focus more on user needs and business goals, which results in better and more useful products.

  • Appreciated by major players

    Symfony has established a strong reputation since 2005. It is developed by over 3000 contributors and supported by over 600,000 developers from more than 120 countries. The quality and stability of the framework is confirmed by the dozens of major players that use it, such as: Facebook, Spotify, Slack, WordPress, Yahoo! or Dailymotion.

  • Amazing flexibility

    No matter how complex and sophisticated your application is, Symfony will always deliver the optimal set of tools. Components and packages allow us to tailor the product to your specific requirements and needs. They are reconfigurable and can be used with other frameworks, giving you unprecedented flexibility.

  • Less issues

    Comfortable programming, convenient component-based work, and tools designed to solve coding errors and security problems - all this minimizes the risk of committing mistakes. And even when setbacks do occur, the active and supportive community of Symfony-oriented developers always helps you find a solution quickly.

We are proud to present 
our latest project

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La Sante project To comply with strict prescription drug laws, we migrated the store, which offers over 10,000 medical products, from Prestashop to a tailor-made Symfony platform and built a logistics system from scratch, using certified hosting. Customers can now buy prescription drugs online with the best user experience.

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Get world-class experts without hiring them in-house.

Seamless process to extend your team

First, we listen and learn your needs.
Having worked with 50+ clients we know that each tech team is different. There is a different set of requirements and dynamics that Primotly is used to match with world-class developers.

Wait no more than 5 working days and you are going to receive first profiles that we believe are a good match. You can discard as many profiles as you want.

We take care of the initial screening and first technical and soft skill interviews. Then it is your turn. Whether it testing or further interviews, you have the final say. The shorter to overall process, the higher chances for a fast onboarding.

The first two weeks when the collaboration begins are critical - on both sides Primotly makes sure that there is as little miscommunication and friction as possible, just so you can focus on what is important, and to us this is building great products.

Check out what they already build

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    Platforma opon project website needed a modernization and a responsive interface. We kept all the previous technological possibilities and created a much better product. The interface is designed to look fresh and scale well on screens of various sizes. The mobile version of the website is now easy to navigate and as useful as the desktop one.
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    Dood project DOOD is a market place created for food businesses. We prepared almost every element of the platform from scratch and added new features, such as integration with cash registers, printers and solutions related to deliveries. Users can now order food and fresh products faster with the selected delivery method.
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    Estim project
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Primotly values long-term partnerships, so does our clients.

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Primotly has been supplementing Saveur Biere tech teams for over 10 years, flexibily adpating to current business needs - increasing the number of software engineers for development peaks and reducing them for quiter seasons
saveur biere engineer
„Primotly (former bPol) has been an incredible technical partner for growing our digital businesses. They have an approach to communication that has allowed us to excel in working with their teams remotely. As a result, we have project and feature outputs that are highly in sync with our stakeholder needs. The quality of the code and expertise in technical delivery have made them an invaluable asset to delivering our engineering needs. Highly recommended!”France Roy | Global Head of Engineering at ZX Ventures
„My journey with Saveur Biere project starts shortly after it has been founded in 2007. Since that time project evolve from open source application to latest hi-tech solution. The team has been growing same fast as project and become one happy family.”Jakub Wachol | Symfony Tech Lead
symfony tech lead
Whether enteprise or scale-up clients, we have managed to extend software engineering capitabilities of tens of companies




...and we have been recognized as a valuable tech partner that can flexibly increase and decrease extended teams…

... and we have been repeatedly awarded for our efforts over the years
b2b top company
deliver award
top ecommerce development company
top rated software development company
top custom software development company

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Why you can trust our Symfony Developers?

At Primotly, we understand the critical role trust plays in finding top-notch Symfony developers. That's why we've put together a highly skilled team of Symfony experts who have extensive experience in developing complex and high-performance applications. Our Symfony developers have a deep understanding of the framework's architecture, strengths, and limitations, and use this knowledge to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

We are proud of our Symfony developers' experience and expertise, which sets them apart from the competition. Our team is made up of individuals who are passionate about technology and are always seeking to expand their skills. To ensure that our Symfony developers stay ahead of the curve, we invest in their training and provide them with the latest resources and tools. At Primotly, we are dedicated to delivering the best possible experience for our clients, and that starts with our talented and trusted Symfony developers.

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