The international AFRISO group operates in over 60 countries worldwide, employing more than 1100 workers (over half of whom operate in Germany). They provide high-quality measuring, monitoring and control solutions in heating, ventilation and cooling installations for domestic, industrial and environmental applications.






Domestic and industrial technology

Online catalog page of AFRISO showcasing various precision instruments for heating and plumbing, including search functionality for specific products.

How to Streamline a Powerful CMS?

Afriso's application is a Content Management System which not only allows for publishing news but also contains a huge catalog of the company's products to which data is automatically downloaded from an external source. The website contains user manuals, technical data and certificates for each of the products available in the database. It also allows you to expand an extensive information section on the use of the company's products such as films, tips and product usage. This whole ecosystem needed updating and modernization, improvements and some new features.

World-class technologies

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Complex solutions supporting AFRISO

To identify all elements within the application that required improvement or updates, the developers conducted a comprehensive audit before commencing their work. Based on this audit, we determined the necessary actions to be taken.

We have implemented the required updates to ensure the system operates smoothly and complies with new standards. Specifically, we upgraded PHP to version 7.3 and migrated to Laravel framework version 6.0 LTS, supported until 2022/10. Additionally, we introduced automated application deployment using Github Actions.

Considering the vast amount of data managed by the client's application, optimizations were crucial for enhancing its performance. Consequently, we integrated a new feature that automatically resizes images upon addition to the page, conserving server space and enhancing data loading efficiency. Furthermore, we established a database migration mechanism from scratch, resolving several security issues in the process.

Moreover, we reconstructed the existing search engine using ElasticSearch, significantly improving the relevance of search results compared to the previous version of the app.

Furthermore, several enhancements were made to the visual interface of the Afriso platform. We redesigned various subpages, including search results and product cards, ensuring compliance with Responsive Web Design standards for both desktop and mobile versions.

These updates, optimizations, and security enhancements collectively improved the functionality, performance, and user experience of the application. AFRISO can benefit from a refreshed version of the system that meets current standards and requirements.

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