Cobiro allows users to build websites from scratch and sell and manage products in online stores. It is an online tool designed for small businesses, large enterprises and creative agencies. To date, more than 250,000 users have used Cobiro.




Content from Cobiro's website highlighting a blog post titled '7 top websites built on JAMstack' and other featured articles on tech platforms and partnerships.

An important feature is the ability to promote your offerings using popular marketing applications such as Google Search Ads, Facebook Ads and Google Shopping, as well as SEO support.

Importantly, all tools are designed so that any person can use them - regardless of budget, knowledge of advertising campaigns and web design.

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Innovative website builder

Cobiro is the ideal tool for entrepreneurs who want to easily create websites on their own. The process is not time-consuming or complicated, as the site can be built using a simple visual editor. It is divided into microservices, and each microservice provides different solutions for the entire ecosystem. The use of modern technological solutions has made one platform offer a whole range of solutions. Everything users need to develop online businesses is in one place - website and online store generator, hosting services, SEO and much more.

Each part separated from the framework and developed using TDD. We made sure to keep a similar style and layout. Thus, it was possible to maintain visual consistency throughout the project, and all the applied features complement each other.

One of the main features of the new builder is the event sourcing technology, which sets the tool apart from its competitors and greatly expands its capabilities. The tool has become scalable, runs smoothly and is easier to maintain.

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