Fairchain's mission is to protect those at risk of exploitation and promote fair treatment incorporating ESG factors. The foundation is committed to reducing carbon footprint and implementing sustainable practices at every stage of the production and supply chain, which contributes to more responsible and ethical production.

By implementing full transparency, we can see every stage of the creation of products such as coffee - from seed, to harvest and processing, to transport and sale in the destination country.

For all companies working with Fairchain, this means lowering CO2 emissions and creating a positive social impact by ensuring transparency at every stage, which benefits both the company’s image and the planet.


Netherlands, Kenia, Etiopia




Green tech, sustainable agriculture, social agriculture

Impact Maker dashboard highlighting 40 tokens invested and 2 coffee trees planted in Ethiopia, with 10 tokens available for further investment. Detailed view of individual coffee trees and their impact.

Technologies that support change for the better

During the initial workshop, we looked at the application in its current state, as well as potential opportunities for development and adding new functionality. We combined the client's ideas into feasible projects. We also thought through priorities together and determined the order of implementation.

Actual workshops allowed us to determine specific functional requirements. Together we decided that it made sense to focus on a Fairchain Loyalty application allowing tokens to be traded between consumers, farmers, farm managers, and stores selling farm products.

The first step was to precisely define and implement the token flow process. It was crucial to determine how tokens are generated, who can get, transfer, or exchange them, and when.

Because of the numerous stakeholders between whom tokens circulate, it was particularly important to define exactly who and how they can convert tokens into tangible goods, such as items in a store, or into cash to be used for specific purposes. We used the Nexus platform to manage the tokens.

The next call was to create different accounts that met specific objectives. Each account has specific accesses defined, depending on the permissions for the user category.

World-class technologies

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Creative solutions for a fair future

When developing the application, we had to take into account the economic situation of farmers in the target countries, such as those in Ethiopia and Kenya. They do not have current access to the Internet, making current use of the web application difficult. The technology also had to be adapted to older mobile devices and those with weaker specifications. To solve this problem, we used SMS notifications in the form of alerts informing of given events. We chose the operator Africa's Talking because it had the best offer that met the client's requirements. To ensure the security of the data, it is stored on the ALGORAND blockchain.

The implementation of SMS notifications entailed changes in other aspects as well. Previously, products purchased by farmers through tokens received a QR code. This was required when receiving a purchase made through the app at the store. Since the QR code could not be sent via SMS, we derived an additional alphanumeric code. It is sent by message and verified at the store.

Over 10,000 coffee trees planted
€107,060 of Farmer Income
267,650 kg of CO2 reduced

The app allows you to transfer tokens to different destinations: specific programs or directly to farmers. One program is Tree Planting, in which a tree is planted for each token donated. The program can also be, for example, the collection of a certain number of tokens for the construction of a bio-compost factory. In cooperation with developers from Fairchain, we prepared a separate application for the programs (originally for the Tree Planting program) and an API connecting the two applications. This makes them intuitive to manage and easy to tailor to the needs of a specific organization.

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