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The company PSO (Polskie Składy Oponiarskie) has been connecting the largest tyre distributors in Poland since 2002. Thanks to the use of innovative IT solutions, they are one of the most important businesses in the tyre industry. They are behind the largest B2B platform for the tyre industry in Poland -






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A monitor displaying a web page with a vibrant orange and white color scheme, featuring 'PLATFORMAOPON.PL' at the top left corner. The webpage includes a photo of a smiling worker in blue overalls holding a clipboard, standing in a warehouse with stacks of tires. Below is more Polish text providing information about the platform.


PSO's old B2B platform,, faced several challenges. First and foremost, its design and outdated technologies posed usability and reliability issues. The website lacked a modern look and failed to keep up with evolving customer expectations. 

Moreover, the absence of mobile optimization limited access and hindered engagement on smartphones and tablets. Additionally, there was a need to provide a more personalized user experience to meet the diverse needs of their clients.

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Overcoming the identified challenges, a number of solutions were implemented. The old design was replaced with a fresh and modern user interface. Redesigned interface aimed to provide a visually appealing and engaging experience, boosting customer satisfaction and trust. Recognizing the importance of mobile devices in e-commerce, the platform was optimized for smartphones and tablets. The mobile version now offers seamless navigation and functionality, encouraging customers to access the platform from their mobile devices. Several user-friendly features were added to the platform. 

Users can now easily add product photos from various sections of the platform, enabling them to showcase their offerings more effectively. The subscription-based model addressed the need for personalized access and enhanced user experience. Subscription functionality allowed PSO to offer different packages with varying levels of access to the platform, catering to the diverse needs of their clients. The implementation of discount codes for subscription purchases also incentivize customers to engage further with the platform. 

Integration with Przelewy24 allowed seamless payment processing for subscription purchases. It resulted in enhancing the platform's overall functionality. New tools were introduced to simplify content management for administrators. It is now possible to manage content for specific posts directly from the platform, improving efficiency and flexibility in managing the platform's content. We continue to prioritize the security of the platform by regularly reviewing and updating its security measures. We stay vigilant in identifying and addressing potential vulnerabilities. Additionally, we monitor the latest technology advancements, ensuring that the platform remains up-to-date and aligned with industry standards. In conclusion, through the implementation of a new user interface, mobile optimization, subscription functionality, user-friendly enhancements, integration with Przelewy24, and improved administrator tools, PSO successfully modernized their B2B tyre platform, 

These enhancements addressed the usability, accessibility, and functionality issues, providing a more engaging and tailored experience for both users and administrators. PSO is now well-equipped to meet the evolving needs of the industry and maintain a competitive edge in the market. With the successful completion of these improvements and enhancements, we continue to drive the ongoing development of the platform, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to share future advancements and refinements. We are excited to further enhance the user experience and bring even more value to our users.

“bPol (now Primotly) is a dynamic company with huge potential, offering comprehensive service and support in all areas of software development. Their team showed great responsibility and responsiveness in action. They took care of our product quickly and efficiently, suggesting thoughtful optimization solutions on the web platform. The effect of 2 years of cooperation is a great improvement of our platform - in terms of functionality, but also efficiency. Thanks to the introduced changes, we have strengthened our position as a leader among B2B services in the tire industry.”

Photo of PSO IT manager
Tomasz Jeziorek | IT Manager
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