Currently, the most significant companies use the services of Tigers, supporting themselves with their know-how in the areas of social media and performance marketing. In addition to marketing services, Tigers also offer digital products, such as the Ads Book (e-book) or the Organika Book. The demand for this type of high-quality educational materials turned out to be so great that the customer decided to expand the range of products with new content.







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The demand for high-quality educational materials proved so great that Tigers decided to expand their product line to include new content. However, the current version of their platform limited their knowledge delivery capabilities. The client wanted to provide more complex thematic courses, divided into modules and lessons. The existing website (tigers.pl), which was based on Wordpress, was no longer sufficient, so there was a need for a separate educational platform.

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Due to the need for high flexibility of the platform while maintaining simplicity of use (both from the perspective of people using the courses and from the perspective of administrators), we decided to use Symfony to create a new system. We prepared the project from scratch: we created a Design System, mockups, a website with the appropriate integrations and an administration panel for comprehensive content management.

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