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Why do we build with Serverless

Sometimes you need to buy something that is small but sexy, small for now, but with plans to grow. You don’t want to worry about infrastructure. After all, business logic comes first. Before low code and no code, comes Functions as a service, and to orchestrate that, the Serverless framework.


Why to use the Serverless framework...

Reliable web applications, ETL processes, and connection between SaaS platforms
Quick “go to live” path
Inexpensive but solid development of simple applications
Extremely low infrastructure costs, in both development phase and production
Unlimited scalability
Allows a service-based architecture with a low price of entry
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A secure and unlimited space is provided by AWS

Largest functionality among cloud providers
Most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available
230 security, compliance, and governance services and features
90 security standards and compliance certifications
Data encryption across all AWS services
Unlimited server capacity

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Cost optimization of the serverless framework

No need to provision or reserve virtual machines. And because of that, we can focus on the business requirements instead of worrying about the traffic or finding the right-sized infrastructure.

Scalability by leveraging Function as a Service

Functions as a service like Lambda, Azure functions or Google cloud functions allow to have virtually no limits in terms of scaling while keeping the cost extremely low in case of low usage. This saves effort and time for the team.

Flexibility by allowing different languages, Python, NodeJS

The Serverless framework allows the backend developers to choose which programming language to use, allowing existing teams to adopt the solution faster and in a more competitive manner. When developing applications with the Serverless framework, Primotly tends to lean towards Python or Node JS.

Low time to market

Because the work environment is completely “as a service” the serverless framework allows your applications to be built faster, and the APIs to be not only robust but rapidly online.

The serverless framework’s reliability

As the infrastructure is managed by different cloud providers – AWS, Azure or Google cloud engine – no infrastructure needs to be managed and an extremely high uptime can be guaranteed.

Whether enteprise or scale-up clients, we have managed to extend software engineering capitabilities of tens of companies
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...and we have been recognized as a valuable tech partner that can flexibly increase and decrease extended teams…

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About Serverless

At our software house, we understand the importance of delivering high-quality applications that meet our clients' unique needs. Our team of AWS experts has extensive experience in developing serverless applications for a wide range of industries. Our serverless web development services include everything from architecture design and development to testing and deployment, ensuring that we deliver a comprehensive solution that meets all of our clients' needs.

Serverless architecture is a cloud computing model that eliminates the need for server management, enabling businesses to focus solely on writing code. With serverless computing, our developers can easily build and deploy applications without worrying about scaling or provisioning resources, resulting in faster development times and reduced costs.