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Insights from PHPers Summit 2023 - The Value of Technology Conferences


Attending technology and IT conferences is not just about gaining knowledge but also about fostering team bonding and staying up-to-date with emerging trends. These conferences provide an opportunity to learn from industry experts, network with professionals, and explore new ideas and approaches. Recently, several employees from our company had the privilege of attending the PHPers Summit 2023. In this article, we dive into their experiences and highlight key takeaways that could benefit our software house.

The following article has been crafted to adopt an interview structure, it incorporates insights gathered from various Primotly employees, ensuring a diverse range of perspectives and experiences.

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Why did you want to take part in the conference?

Basia, Project Manager: My primary goal was to gain a better understanding of developers and the challenges they face. I aimed to develop my knowledge of API architecture and explore different ways to manage and resolve conflicts in practical ways that I could apply to my own work. Additionally, it was an excellent opportunity to integrate with colleagues whom I don't have daily interactions with and broaden my network.

Łukasz, CTO: attending the conference was about expanding my knowledge, exchanging experiences, and promoting our company within the industry. It was also a chance to connect with people from our company whom I don't interact with on a daily basis. It was an opportunity to learn something inspiring.

Another employee focused on the prestigiousness of the conference: Celebrating the milestone of the largest PHP conference in the country, marking its 10th anniversary. This prestigious event serves as a significant factor for our employees, as it highlights the importance and relevance of staying connected with the latest advancements in PHP technology.

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What were the key takeaways from PHPers Summit 2023 in terms of new technologies or frameworks that could benefit our software house?

I attended a captivating lecture on product-oriented teams and their implementation at Displate, which provided practical examples of such work organization. While our company may not be able to fully apply this approach yet, I gained insights on how to incorporate elements of it as our company grows. Additionally, I discovered the importance of technical debt in application development and ways to categorize and mitigate it based on business profitability. The concepts of event-driven architecture and implementing it in the Symfony framework also caught my attention, along with the significance of API-first planning for precise definition of technical aspects of requests and responses.

Can you share any interesting conversations or networking experiences you had with industry professionals at the conference?

I had the opportunity to reconnect with old acquaintances and refresh my network. I engaged in insightful discussions about software development approaches in other companies. These conversations not only reignited old connections but also opened up new avenues for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Were there any notable trends or emerging practices discussed at the conference that you think we should consider implementing in our projects?

The PHPers Summit 2023 provided valuable insights into the significance of product-oriented teams and the establishment of a strong foundation for each product. This involves the collaboration of a tech lead, project manager, designer, and engineers, working together to ensure success. The conference placed great emphasis on adopting a long-term code approach and implementing best practices for project development, promoting efficiency and scalability.

One particularly enlightening aspect discussed was the significance of comprehensive API documentation. The use of advanced tools that enable automatic generation of requests and responses, coupled with the availability of mock servers providing the necessary endpoints, showcased an effective and streamlined approach. This approach empowers developers to design and build applications with precision, facilitating smooth integration and reducing potential errors.

In addition, parallel testing emerged as an important trend in the industry. The ability to conduct multiple tests simultaneously not only improves the efficiency of the CI/CD process but also enhances the overall quality of the software.

Furthermore, the conference emphasized an API-first mindset. This approach involves planning the construction of applications by first defining the technical aspects of all required requests and responses. The preparation of API documentation, along with the provision of mock servers for testing purposes, helps ensure accurate implementation and seamless integration with other systems.

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How did the PHPers Summit 2023 contribute to your personal and professional growth as a developer?

While some aspects of the conference reinforced existing knowledge, others presented fresh perspectives and approaches that surprised me. It solidified my understanding of topics I was familiar with and motivated me to explore new ideas and deepen my knowledge further.

Were there any inspirational keynote speeches or panel discussions that motivated you to explore new ideas or approaches in your work?

Andreas Heigl's presentation on time, classes, and functions operating within the context of time, titled "Watch the Clock," left a lasting impression. It delved into numerous problems associated with the passage of time, revealing complexities hidden beneath commonly used functions such as "now()". This talk sparked a desire to delve deeper into the subject and expand my knowledge.

Did you come across any innovative tools or resources showcased at the conference that could enhance our development processes or workflow?

Yes, I discovered an intriguing tool called "Product Cards." It has the potential to streamline our product management process and facilitate collaboration within our product-oriented teams. By utilizing this tool, we can establish a core foundation for each product, involving a tech lead, project manager, designer, and engineers. Additionally, I encountered a tool enabling parallel testing in PHPunit, which could significantly optimize our testing procedures and improve overall efficiency.

Were there any presentations or sessions focused on best practices in code quality, performance optimization, or security that you found particularly enlightening?

Absolutely! One session that stood out to me was a panel discussion led by Mariusz Gil. It provided valuable insights into the best practices for ensuring code quality, performance optimization, and security. Moreover, a case study presented by Adrian Słowik on optimizing the performance of 30,000 e-commerce stores during Black Friday was exceptionally enlightening. It highlighted various strategies and techniques to enhance performance and address potential challenges in high-demand scenarios.

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Lastly, how do you plan to share the knowledge and insights gained from PHPers Summit 2023 with the rest of our development team and integrate them into our current projects?

Moving forward, I aim to focus on defining team topologies and structures within our projects. By sharing my experiences and insights through tech-talk sessions, I can facilitate knowledge exchange and promote collaboration within our development team. This approach will empower us to integrate the knowledge gained from the PHPers Summit, ensuring efficient project management and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

I believe in the power of knowledge sharing (developer) As part of our team, I plan to exchange ideas and insights from the conference with my colleagues. This collaborative approach will allow us to harness the benefits of the PHPers Summit and integrate them into our current projects effectively. By embracing these new perspectives, we can enhance our workflows, improve code quality, and deliver even better results for our clients.

Photo from PHPers Summit 2023 Showing the Developers in Primotly Hoodies


At Primotly, we firmly believe in the power of continuous learning and professional development. The PHPers Summit 2023 has exemplified the invaluable benefits of attending technology conferences, including the exposure to innovative tools, insights into best practices, and the fostering of team bonding. We are thrilled to see our employees' enthusiasm and dedication to integrating their newfound knowledge into our development projects.

As an organization, we are committed to supporting and encouraging our team members to participate in such educational events. We recognize the immense value that conferences bring in terms of staying at the forefront of industry trends, expanding our skills, and fostering a collaborative work environment. By embracing these opportunities, we empower our employees to grow both personally and professionally, which ultimately contributes to our collective success. We are excited about the positive impact that integrating these newfound insights will have on our development processes and overall success. Together, we will continue to embrace the power of knowledge and strive for excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and IT.

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