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Why do we build in React

Developed by Meta and used by millions. React is our answer when it comes to solutions that require complex user interactions with the application. Dynamic forms, beautiful animations, SPA applications, PWA applications, you name it. As React is a library we use only what is needed which results in a smaller codebase. A strong foundation from MVP to large-scale websites.

Node JS

We are focused on Node.js

Brings javascript/typescript on the backend side
Allows our react developers to have a common language throughout the whole application
Fast execution time
Employing push technology over WebSockets
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Nest JS

...and we use it via Nest.js

A framework to make the development faster
Modular architecture allows us to use already known libraries
Well documented

Check out our projects
based on Node.js, Nest.js

Advantages of using React

Strong foundation

Strong foundation when starting with a small MVP project that will soon become a giant in complexity and user state management


Single page application feeling for the user, with Server Side Rendering power for the search engines.


No need to spend money and effort on creating your own backend. Just focus on your user experience and deploy easily. No expensive server is needed. Connect to ready-made API's or databases like Strapi or FireBase

We are proud to present our latest project

Saveur Bière, the French leader in the online beer sales market, needed to optimize its ecommerce platform for smartphone and tablet users. Rebuilding the mobile experience based on React and new architecture made it possible to achieve the intended goal.


Get world-class experts without hiring them in-house.

Seamless process to extend your team

First, we listen and learn your needs.
Having worked with 50+ clients we know that each tech team is different. There is a different set of requirements and dynamics that Primotly is used to match with world-class developers.
In 01
Pre-vetted profiles in your inbox.
Wait no more than 5 working days and you are going to receive first profiles that we believe are a good match. You can discard as many profiles as you want.
Re 02
Adjusted recruitment to fit your process.
We take care of the initial screening and first technical and soft skill interviews. Then it is your turn. Whether it testing or further interviews, you have the final say. The shorter to overall process, the higher chances for a fast onboarding.
Ve 03
Onboarding your new software engineer.
The first two weeks when the collaboration begins are critical - on both sides Primotly makes sure that there is as little miscommunication and friction as possible, just so you can focus on what is important, and to us this is building great products.
Pm 04
Whether enteprise or scale-up clients, we have managed to extend software engineering capitabilities of tens of companies
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...and we have been recognized as a valuable tech partner that can flexibly increase and decrease extended teams…

... and we have been repeatedly awarded for our efforts over the years

About React

If you're looking to build a dynamic and responsive web application, you might want to consider hiring React developers. React JS developers are experts in creating web interfaces using the React JavaScript library, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. However, if you're building a mobile app, you may want to consider hiring React Native developers instead. React Native is a framework that allows developers to build cross-platform mobile apps using the same technology as React JS. Regardless of which type of developer you need, it's important to hire skilled professionals who can bring your vision to life - and this is exactly what we at primotly specialize in. So, whether you're building a web or mobile app, make sure to hire React developers who have the knowledge and experience necessary to create a top-quality product. Get in touch with us and meet our experts!